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WebDesignPrint re-launch!

WebDesignPrint - website re-launchIt has been a few years now since the launch of WebDesignPrint’s first website. It was all done in a fast pace; I did not spend too much time designing it or writing text for it. The aim was to have a web presence, something every web designer should have in the first place, and because the time was scarce (I was already involved in a few design projects), the site was to be quite simple. Believe it or not, it has served its purpose well all this time but it lacked a proper portfolio section and, let’s be honest, it was not the best example of what I am capable of.

The time has come, however, to launch a new website, more in keeping with today’s style of web design – more graphics, less boring text that no one will ever read, some interesting movement and (obviously) social media integration. I am sure you have found all of this already and I hope you like the way all of this works here.

You may ask “Why it took you so long to lauch a new website if you are a web designer?” – the answer is simple. I have been busy working on my clients’ projects and I appreciate they chose me as their designer.  It would not be without my clients where I am here today. Thank you and talk to you soon.

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