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Multiple Facebook likes on one page – Facebook voting

Multiple Facebook likes on one page - Facebook voting

Voting systems come in different flavours; some are based on a poll, some let you choose between two entries and vote for the better one (usually called “hot or not”), and there also those enabling people to vote for one entry (or more) from a larger group of entries. The latter is commonly used in various competitions, though some voting systems are better executed than others.

One of the better ways of letting people vote is to employ social media like Facebook. This is was I used for my client Popcorn Horror, a great horror-oriented mobile app. They run a competition for the best scary make-up, called Monster Make-up Event 2012, and wanted their community to vote for the best entry among the competition’s finalists. I suggested to use Facebook “likes” as votes and, because the guys at Popcorn Horror wanted also a commeting system, we also used Facebook comments plugin.

Voting with Facebook has two four advantages:

Excellent anti-cheating mechanism – every voter needs a FB account to “like” and you can “like” only once. You don’t need to worry about IP addresses, sessions, web cookies etc.

Exposure – every vote is visible on Facebook wall, so all friends of the voters will see a reference to your website

Social networking – voting via Facebook means that contestants and some voters are more likely going to spread the word via the same social media

Quick implementation – voting with Facebook is easy to set up and doesn’t require any extra development, apart from some HTML and Facebook social graph meta data magic.


Have a look at Popcorn Horror’s voting page at http://www.popcornhorror.com/events/ and vote if you like for one of the entries :) Voting ends on 27/04/2012.