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Back to Internet Explorer?

Browser Wars by Shoze.blogspot.com

Remember the times when the term “Internet Explorer” was identical with “browsing the Internet”? There were no other browsers (or at least they did not have any significant market share back then), so everyone used IE and was quite happy with it. But then other web browsers came into light and while some did not make it through the browser wars (see Netscape Navigator), others became quite successful and very often overtook our old IE. Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari won not because there were simply new, but they were (and usually still are) more secure and better supported web standards.

I used to be one of the many people telling their family, friends, colleagues and clients to move away from Internet Explorer as this particular web browser used to be really bad for web design. While other browsers rendered code correctly, IE almost always had a problem and rendered an element or a whole website differently. This led to web designers creating special fixes and workarounds just for IE so the user experience stays the same no matter what web browser was used.

But the times have changed and Microsoft has done some excellent work to bring its browser back to the party. IE9 is a pretty fast web browser that does not have any major issues with web standards (s far as I know) and I, as a web designer, am really happy to see all major web browsers work just fine.

And now Microsoft is doing what it can do get their users back. You can now play Cut the Rope for free (make sure to use IE to be able to play all levels) but you can also watch this funny ad which ridicules your typical “say NO to IE” guy, so me too I guess. But I don’t mind it as I don’t have a cat. Enjoy!